Our Founder's Story

Chiang Sang Sem’s sense of leather craftsmanship, combined with an instinct for market opportunity and a global vision, continues to shape and drive the company today. Learn more about his story.

Chiang Sam Sem

During a visit to Italy in 1974, our founder Chiang Sang Sem was captivated by the works of the legendary 16th century sculptor, Giambologna. The pinnacle of craftsmanship — timeless and refined — the sculptures represented all that our founder strove towards in his own work. The name “Giambologna” echoed in his mind and three syllables emerged — BONIA.

Upon returning to his homeland, he began to establish the foundations of BONIA. His vision, determination, and wisdom have served as the pillars of BONIA’s success to this day. For the decades that followed, the brand swiftly established itself at the forefront of fashion in the region.

Guided by Chiang’s vision, Bonia Corporation and its subsidiaries uphold legacy and herald innovation to be a market leader and a true luxury lifestyle house that stands the test of time.